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Thank you for visiting this site. You are taking an important step towards learning about who in your workplace is ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed), and how your business can begin to support this segment of the workforce.

ALICE households throughout the country struggle to afford basic expenses — food on the table, child care, medical care, and more. Over a quarter of U.S. households were ALICE before the pandemic hit, and their financial hardship worsened as the crisis took its toll.

Your ALICE employees contribute so much to making your business run smoothly. Investing in ALICE gives these crucial employees the opportunity to thrive, creating a resilient work environment and improving the bottom line.

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Who is ALICE? Challenges ALICE faces at work How to create a workplace where ALICE thrives What is UnitedForALICE@Work Why taking action for ALICE matters Resources to support you in making a difference for ALICE
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We have to find ways to support our employees. In our organization, we don’t just match your 401k, we contribute whether or not you’re contributing, so we’re helping our people build assets over time. We provide really good health benefits, which is hard to maintain when your healthcare company comes back and says we are going to raise your rates by 28%. Those are the investments that we’ve chosen as an organization, but those are hard financial decisions to make.
– Executive Director, Nonprofit
I’ve gotten to watch the trickle-down effect of what a few dollars can do over the past year. When we pay somebody twenty and twenty-five dollars an hour, all of-a-sudden, literally within weeks or months, you see the stability. Showing up, they don’t have car problems anymore because they took care of things. They were able to pay for a babysitter so they could stay a little late. Just those few dollars translate so quickly into stability and it can make employees better—and they can grow.
– Commercial Real Estate, Builder
At the center of Landmark is the concept that our greatest asset is our employee. But we need to begin by acknowledging the inequity. Don't judge. Understand. One of my favorite Scotsmen, Thomas Carlyle, said, “All work is honorable.” How honorable is it when we look in disdain at certain roles? The solution is putting humanity back in the center.
– Chief Operating Officer, Hospitality Business
It is absolutely critical that business leaders today invest in their existing team members and workforce to make sure that it’s a win-win for everyone, because we know that when our teams are winning and healthy, when our workforce is healthy.
– Executive Director, Nonprofit
People don't decide to no-call, no show. People don't make decisions to be late. There are circumstances behind it. We need to find those circumstances and do what we can before government or anything else does anything to try and rectify them, whether it means giving somebody $400 to fix their windscreen or to institutionalize policies such as mentoring.
– Chief Operating Officer, Hospitality Business
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